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(layout 031 →) flexi sqs: hard wood, harder will.

Entitled: Hard wood, Harder will.
Account Types: Paid, Basic and Plus.
Preview: static | live

Go to Customize -> Select a Flexible Squares stylesheet -> choose Customize your theme -> then click on Custom CSS in the menu on the left. Set all the dropdown menus to no and paste the css in the textbox, then save.
For Plus accounts the ads can be set anywhere, but between entries should look better.

Design: This layout features fixed elements on both the left and right hand side of the main blog. The color scheme is predominately orange and off-set with some blue greens. Feel free to change the colors if you feel inclined!
Active: Header links, Title, Blurb, Links list
Appearance: Since this layout has fixed elements the height of the side boxes matter. The default is set to appear about even on both sides provided the proper amount of text is in the blurb box. If you want to adjust the size and positioning of the side elements you will have to fiddle with the margin portion under #sidebar_linklist, .sbarbody2, .title and #header which are the enabled elements. Or you could always go for display:none; to get rid of something if you don't like the way it looks. This particular layout, in my humble opinion, would look good with some kind of header. The width of the blog is 800px, so something in that ballpark. Direct yourself towards this entry for some assistance of that nature. Enjoy!

It would be greatly appreciated if you credit fleeting_days, leave feedback in comments, and watch the community!
Tags: !stylesheet: flexible squares, #livejournal layouts, feature: fixed sidebar, feature: title/subtitle, theme: simple

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