Update: Broken Images and Layouts 34-36.5.

Helloooooooooooooooooo if anybody is out there! Haha. It has come to my attention that Images Are Broken. :(

Well, I will try to do some damage control as it pertains to this, as broken images are extremely annoying and not aesthetically pleasing by any stretch of the imagination.

In the meantime, a lot of my backgrounds (black and white ones) actually come from this fabulous website called Subtle Patterns. You guys can peruse the website and choose backgrounds as you see fit. And you should support the owner, if at all possible! Oh, also here is a folder with some of my saved backgrounds; the colored ones are actually not from Subtle Patterns, but I forget where exactly I got them from.

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I haven't done coding in a looong time, but I'm planning on getting back into this summer, as I took a computer science course that has renewed my coding interests. I will be trying to improve in Java/PHP and Python programming. As for fleeting_days, I'm probably done here, at least for awhile. I want to learn from scratch without the crutch of the livejournal formatting. Special thanks to anyone who's used anything I ever made. Have a great day!

Revival coming

I actually have a couple of layouts made but I don't feel like formatting them formally and properly. Will update very soon though now that the school year is over. Sorry I've been MIA, but yanno, college.

(layout 033 →) flexi sqs: starry eyed.

Let me be brief:

The causation

The reaction
Thanks a lot! So very appreciated. Now. Back to business.

Entitled: Starry Eyed.
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It would be greatly appreciated if you credit fleeting_days, leave feedback in comments, and watch the community!

(layout 032 →) flexi sqs: blind confession.

Honestly I didn't know so many people wanted more subtle design out of me. But I'm hardly against that.

Entitled: Blind Confession.
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It would be greatly appreciated if you credit fleeting_days, leave feedback in comments, and watch the community!

blah blah community ramblings.

Alright, so in the past, I've been a tad lazy with coding and such. But, though this is not new year's, I'm still going to make a resolution and try to- from here on out- be a bit more efficient in my execution. This is a work in progress though, sooooo.. you know how that goes ;)

Question. Does anyone who happens to be reading feel like they want to post icons/layouts/graphics/profile codes/etc somewhere but they don't really have anywhere or are to lazy to start somewhere? It's cool if no one does, I was just wondering. Preferably someone who makes icons cuz I never make those really, and the community is supposed to be more everything-oriented but it ends up being more layouts.. heh

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(icon set 012 →) 44 eclectic icons + graphics.

I FINALLY GOT INSPIRED. Goodness knows you need to be when working on the 'ol 100x100.
=01-40 various mix: oceans, sky, sand, trees, plants, cities, outer space, batman, thor, bbc sherlock, skulls, death, darkness, water color, text
=41-44 typographic photography

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(wallpaper 001 →) between two lungs, 1600x900.

I saw this picture of lungs and immediately thought of Florence and the Machine's 'Between Two Lungs'. I created the design as a tribute to one of my favorite songs off of the Lungs album. And thus a lyrical wallpaper was born. Feel free to adjust the resolution of the wallpaper to suit your tastes, or even use it as a header or banner in some other capacity. Enjoy!


(layout 029 →) flexi sqs, soft ascent.

I hope everyone is having a great summer and enjoying watching London 2012! It's going to be a great year for the summer games; I can tell. I've been so MIA it's embarrassing. I'm kind of going through a phase where I'm trying to refine my design aesthetic, but hopefully things will pick up here again soon. Here's an update, finally-

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